5 C's for Happiness in Life

5 C’s for Happiness in Life | How to be Happy | How to Reduce Stress

5 C’s for Happiness in Life | How to be Happy | How to Reduce Stress

1.Do not Conflict (C)

2.Do Not Compare (C)

3.Do Not Compete (C)

4.Do Not Complain (C)

5.Do Not Criticize (C)

1.Do not Conflict (C) : Never ever get into idiotic conflict which may be no useful for you or which will damage your reputation. Remember a conflict always make you feel very stressed and disturbed.
2.Do Not Compare (C) : Never compare yourself/Your life with other, incase if you do so it only hurts you a lot but no use. You have enough caliber to achieve many more thing in the life
3.Do Not Compete (C): Its better you not to compete with the unwanted thing in your life, Profession, Personal Life Style
4.Do Not Complain (C) : Complain is one of the un accepted habit, which states that you are weaker not non capable to achieve or not able reach what you were expected
5.Do Not Criticize (C) : Criticizing /Humiliation is very un- accepted and un Professional Behavior which states that you were very Hopeless and disqualified Personality, also states you were unable handle situations directly so that you might be opting for these Criticizing behavior

If you try to follow these  5 C’s

So that you will be Happiness in Life and you will lead Happy Lifestyle Simultaneously you can Reduce Stress and Anger

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