21 Ways to Manage Time | How to Manage Time

21 Ways to Manage Time | How to Manage Time

Time Management is very Important in ones Personal Life & Professional Life Achievements


1.You have to be self-motived and Self Started
2.Set Your goals correctly according to priority
3.Plan & set your goals that are achievable and measurable
4.Prioritize Your Work, Goals wisely
5.Set a Countdown time / time limit to complete a task
6.Be Relaxed and take a small break between two tasks
7.You need to Organize yourself only
8.Ignore and remove non-essential/ non-Important tasks/activities
9.Never commit for distractions
10.Prepare Daily Plan along with List of Tasks that you need to fulfill
11.Don’t try to Judge yourself by your attitude
12.Never ever try to do multiple tasks at one moment
13.Be Smart in Planning Hard in Working for your Tasks…
14.Never Get addicted for unnecessary tasks
15.Better not to have too much affection your smart gadgets, when you are about to fulfill your tasks
16.Drop out your distractions and disturbances
17.Concentrate on your tasks only
18.Don’t compare your Knowledge/Plan with others
19.You should know which is right and wrong along with time of completion
20.Be very very Hyper Active
21.Be very conscious with you Plan of Action

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