Tools used in National Stock Exchange (NSE)

The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) is one of the largest stock exchanges in Asia. Here are some of the tools used in the NSE:

  • NSE Trading System (NSE NOW): The NSE’s electronic trading platform, which enables real-time trading of securities.
  • NSE Clearing and Settlement System (CDSL): A platform for clearing and settlement of trades executed on the NSE.
  • NSE Capital Market Segment (CMS): A platform for trading in equity shares, bonds, and other debt securities.
  • NSE Derivatives Segment (F&O): A platform for trading in derivatives, including futures and options.
  • NSE Debt Market Segment: A platform for trading in debt securities, including bonds and commercial papers.
  • NSE Mutual Fund Platform: A platform for mutual fund transactions, including the buying and selling of mutual fund units.
  • NSE IP (Initial Public Offering) Platform: A platform for companies to issue initial public offerings (IPOs) and raise capital from the public.
  • NSE Risk Management System (RMS): A tool for managing risk in the securities market, including the calculation and monitoring of various risk metrics.

These tools help the NSE to provide a transparent, efficient, and secure platform for trading and investing in securities.

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