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  1. R Console: The R console is the command line interface where you can type in R commands and get immediate feedback.
  2. Object: In R, an object is a variable that holds a value or data.
  3. Data Frame: A data frame is a two-dimensional tabular data structure in R, similar to a spreadsheet in Excel.
  4. Function: A function is a block of code that performs a specific task in R.
  5. Package: A package is a collection of R functions, data sets, and documentation that can be used to extend R’s functionality.
  6. Vector: A vector is a one-dimensional array in R that can hold a sequence of values of the same type.
  7. List: A list is a collection of objects of different types in R.
  8. Matrix: A matrix is a two-dimensional array in R that can hold a sequence of values of the same type.
  9. Loop: A loop is a control structure in R that allows you to execute a block of code repeatedly.
  10. Condition: A condition is a logical expression that evaluates to either TRUE or FALSE in R, and is often used in control structures like if-else statements.

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