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 How to Focus on Studies Without Getting Distracted

  1. Get organized Activities with a to-do list.
  2. Silence Mobile alerts and keep open Internet tabs to a minimum.
  3. Break Time Taking Assignments/Projects into small pieces.
  4. Use Interested music and headphones to cut down noise.
  5. Find the best environment/ location/ Space for efficient studying.
  6. Sanitize/Clean up and organize your work space.
  7. Studying at Home/Liked Environment
  8. Find a Private Peaceful Place to Study/Preparation
  9. Mute or off Online and Mobile Distractions
  10. Ignore Other Distractions
  11. Make a Perfect Study/Preparation Schedule and Stick to It
  12. Engaging Online Learning and if possible Offline Learning also
  13. Studying from textbooks and classroom notes can be prone to distraction because you may feel bored and the information can feel uninteresting and dry.
  14. Make a timetable for study/Preparation
  15. Focus on Your Objectives
  16. Study/Prepare for your sake
  17. Try to Memorize Bullet Points about the topic you have chosen
  18. Keep Switch you Subjects if you really get bored with same subject
  19. Start Meditate your self to constant focus on Your Objectives
  20. Try to Recall what you have learned or what you have Noted
  21. Qualitative Preparation is very Mandatory
  22. If possible, try to collect your Topic Information which is written by Multiple Authors/Publications
  23. Try to Switch to Podcast, if you found your Topic is available in Audio Format, which is very Impressive
  24. Don’t try to confuse yourself what to be done while bored or Distracted, Just follow your own Heart and start working for your sake only
  25. If really study well you will be benefitted but not others, keep this in you mind
  26. Start Revising what you Learned/Practiced/ Heard through Podcast

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