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Content Marketing refers to the process of defining, educating, creating and distributing relevant and valuable content of the Physical Product or Commodity

Content marketing s one of the strategic marketing approaches focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain the Consumers

It is also a process to attract, acquire and build customer loyalty by defining importance, Benefits, Advantages etc..of the respective Commodity among a clearly defined audience with the goal of generating profitable actions among consumers

Example “”Tulasi”” (Scientific name-‘Ocimum tenuiflorum’) is well identified as Natural Medicated Plant which is belongs to ‘Lamiaceae’ Family  available across the world

But Product manufacturing companies they are using same “”Tulasi”” for preparing Green Tea Pouches/bags

  Since years we are aware of ‘Tea’ and also ‘Tulasi’

  How manufacturing companies making money besides by selling both (Tea & Tulasi)  ???????

  Now they have implemented concept called as Content Marketing by combining both (Tea + Tulasi= Tulasi Tea=Green Tea with Tulasi Flavor)

  People across the world they are regularly buying Green Tea with Tulasi Flavor, as already respective companies are regularly educating the consumers

  Conclusion Many of us may opt to purchase or buy once we have good idea about commodity or knowing benefits of commodity

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